NAA Take 5

Welcome to NAA Take 5! This is our new post-show headquarters for content sharing, where attendees and those who weren’t able to attend can access some key tips and takeaways from popular education sessions. The 2016 NAA Student Housing Conference & Exposition delivered a lot of immediately applicable insights and ideas and we don’t want you to miss out!

“One of the best things about NAA and this conference is the real focus on delivering real content.”

—Mike Peter, President and CEO, Campus Advantage
Moderator, CEO Panel Discussion General Session

General Sessions:

Jonathan-PerelmanGrowing Your Business with Shareable Content
Jonathan Perelman, Head of Digital Initiatives at ICM Partners, Former Executive at BuzzFeed & Google

1. Content is king, but distribution is queen.
2. Three S’s of storytelling: Simplicity, Surprise, Specific
3. Storytellers stay true to the teller, audience, moment and mission.
4. We live in a sharing economy, and content is the currency.
5. “If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead.” Make sure you and your audience can share your message.

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On-Site - Opening GS and Escalator

Images from the 2016 National Apartment Association (NAA) Student Housing Conference at Hyatt Regency Chicago in Chicago, IL on Wednesday, February 17, 2016. Photo by Tracy Boulian

CEO Panel Discussion
Mike Peter, President and CEO, Campus Advantage (Moderator)
Randy Churchey, CEO, EdR
Robert Clark, President, Peak Campus Management
Joseph Coyle, President, University Student Living
Del de Windt, CEO, Cardinal Group Management
Donna Preiss, President, The Preiss Company
Wes Rogers, President & CEO, Landmark Properties

1. Social media is not a part of what you need to do, it’s everything you need to do.
2. Student’s today have a new motto: Work easy, play easy.
3. Parents are more involved in the lives of students in this generation. They’re a vital part of the sales process.
4. Community building is crucial. Everyone wants to live in a community, not just an apartment complex.
5. Today’s students want to be plugged in 24/7. Your technology infrastructure better be on point.

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The Home Depot - Closing GS

labarreA Maverick Manual for Success
Polly LaBarre, Bestselling Author, Founding Member of Fast Company and Former CNN Correspondent

1. Stand for something. Know your organization’s sense of purpose. Stand by it.
2. Do the work of art. Grow into your creativity, not out of it.
3. Embrace experimentation—try stuff!
4. Lead without authority. Power comes from sharing, not hoarding.
5. Learn fast as the world is changing.

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Breakout Sessions:

Goodbye Gen Y, Hellow Gen Z | Generational Theory
Lisa Trosien,

  1. Gen Z is the first post 9/11 generation. They realize life isn’t perfect and don’t want marketing to be perfect either.
  2. Gen Z looks at social media for reviews vs. Yelp, Google reviews etc.
  3. They don’t always want to talk on the phone, so you have to open up different lines of communications to them, like text chat, social media direct messaging, periscope tours, etc.
  4. Short content, like six-second Vine videos, appeal to young consumers who are overwhelmed with content options and want to easily share what they see.
  5. Be fun, be quirky, be snarky, be memorable.

How to Rock the Online Reputation Race | Marketing
Kelly Quattlebaum, Director of Marketing and National Accounts, CallMaX
Allison Weber, Vice President of Marketing, Peak Campus
Jamie Matusek, Vice president, Catalyst
Stephanie M. Gonzalez, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience, Venterra Realty

  1. Always respond to reviews and respond FAST.
  2. Ratings and reviews matter—Millennials don’t trust traditional marketing.
  3. Focus on customer interactions to stop negative reviews
  4. Online presence is paramount to success.
  5. Get residents involved by using their comments in videos to use in campaigns.

Internet for Residents: Get It Right | Technology
Chris Johnston, Associate, Davis Craig & Tayor, PLLC
Jason Rios, Contracts Manager, American Campus Communities
Richard Holtz, President, InfiniSys

  1. It’s impossible to future proof but you need to plan 5-10 years in advance of technology
  2. Paying more up front, especially on new development, to put in extra bandwidth is worth the price considering the cost of retrofitting the property in a few years when residents are unhappy with the connectivity
  3. Life is increasingly digital, internet access is a student’s lifeblood
  4. In the contract: Time to cure outages, time to attend to service appointments
  5. Bandwidth and equipment upgrades, especially wireless access points and backbone equipment is crucial

Brand Magnetism: How to Create Powerful Brands in Student Housing | Marketing
Jamie Matusek, Vice President, Catalyst
Katy Smerko, Vice President of Leasing, Campus Advantage
Madison Meier, Director of Business Development and Transitions, Campus Advantage
Christy McFerren, Creative Director, Catalyst

  1. Be in and of the community. So much about college life is being part of the school community and your property should try to position itself in-line with that community.
  2. Go out and talk to students, ask them what they really want in a property
  3. When leasing during construction choose a temporary leasing office in a walking friendly retail location, rather than having leasing happen in a trailer next to the construction site.
  4. “A brand is no longer what we tell a consumer it is … it is what consumers tell each other it is.” Scott Cook, Co-Founder, Intuit
  5. “The buyer connects emotionally, believes in the superiority, and demonstrates allegiance.“ Christy McFerren, Catalyst