Tuesday, February 17, 2015 1:15 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 2:45 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 10:45 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 3 p.m. – 4 p.m.


Sessions Sponsored By: realpage

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

1:15 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Education’s Need for Speed: The Future of Connectivity
The number of Internet-connected devices will grow seven times in the next eight years to 75 billion devices. Does your building have the bandwidth to withstand the next wave of innovation? With consumers spending more time online (currently 5.5 hours everyday), and with more of their devices (thermostats, TVs, etc.) becoming Internet enabled, it is essential to think about both the future of the Web and the experience residents are having in and around your communities.
Lee Bienstock, National Partner Manager, Google Fiber
Scott Casey, CTO and SVP of Strategic Business Development, EdR
Jorge de Cardenas, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, American Campus Communities
Moderator: Dan Oltersdorf, Senior Vice President, Campus Advantage

Don’t Kiss When Your Prospect Expects A Fist Bump
Coming on too strong can be just as disastrous in marketing as it is in dating. Right message/right time is critical at each phase of the apartment shopping process. Get inside the mind of the typical student shopper and learn tactics for addressing them across multiple devices. Leave armed with a deeper understanding of the customer lifecycle, proven online strategies for building rapport at each step, and a playbook for turning leads into leases.
Melanie Ling, Director of Digital Marketing, Contemporary Management Concepts LLLP
Jared Miller, President of Multifamily Operations, Chief Marketing Officer, Principal, INNOVATIVE Real Estate Companies
Mike Whaling, President, 30 Lines

Forecast with Confidence: Predict, Analyze, & Maximize Rents
What will your rate increase be for the next preleasing season? Unlike conventional leasing, student housing rates are usually set many months in advance. Once the preleasing season has started, all stakeholders want to know, “Will we make it to 100 percent?” Increase your confidence by learning how to maintain updated, reliable numbers that compare preleasing trends with achievable goals, enabling decisions about promotions, concessions or rate increases in real time as the preleasing season progresses.
Matthew Vermillion, Director of Operations, Corridor Property Management, LLC
Kayla Kayser, Director of Property Management, Corridor Property Management, LLC
Andrew Bowen, Director of Business Development – YieldStar & Business Intelligence, RealPage

Fair Housing Issues for Student Housing
Legal Issues
Do you know all you need to about common fair housing issues such as assistance animals, roommate assignments, occupancy policies, and accessibility of the as-built environment? Fair housing compliance has special pitfalls for student housing. With 60 years’ combined experience representing housing providers in civil rights issues, the presenters illuminate the special circumstances of student housing (“by the bed” leases, housing as public accommodation, and service amenities particular to student housing) in a real-world, interactive and lively session.
Theresa Kitay, Attorney at Law, Law Office of Theresa L. Kitay
Kathelene Williams, Attorney at Law, Williams & Edelstein, P.C.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2:45 p.m. – 4 p.m.

The Parent Trap: Effectively Managing Parent Expectations
Today’s student housing operators face the daunting task of managing both greater day-to-day parental involvement and student’s expectations. New property management system technology is helping better match roommates, manage rent payments and navigate the unique customer service issues. Explore these new tools, resources and techniques available today to manage those challenges and learn effective techniques from high profile student housing operators for balancing the desires of students and parents.
Chase Harrington, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Property Solutions
Eddie Moreno, Director of Operations, Cardinal Group Management
Julie Bonnin, Chief Operating Officer, Asset Campus Housing

Turn It Up!
Turnover is the nitty gritty reality at the core of student housing, and it can drag you through the mud, or you can drive it like a team of horses. The compressed schedule, complex array of moving parts, and interpersonal interaction between every kind of personality all make for a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Your team needs an aggressively proactive approach. Join us and gain proven methods for tackling the planning and execution of this beast, all shared with energy, levity and some fun!
Patty Morgan-Seager, President, Seager Marketing
Matthew Kelly, National Director of Facilities, Campus Apartments
Alex O’Brien, President, Cardinal Group Management
Moderator: Heather Sizemore, CAPS, National Director of Residence Life, Campus Apartments

Property Management = Easy / People Management = Crazy!
Leadership/Professional Development
Do you ever feel that people get in the way of running the property perfectly? It would be easy to keep your property clean and your community thriving if the people would just mind their own business and let you work! You have mastered the tasks of daily property management, but managing people—whether it be residents, parents, employees or vendors—continues to be a struggle. Learn how to turn the “good, the bad and the ugly” into partners for success.
Stephanie Graves, CAM, CAPS, AIT, Trainer, Motivator & Crazy Marketing Gal, Stephanie G, Professional Me
Julie Irvin, Founder, Keystone Resources

Dramatically Improve Employee Retention
Human Resources
Employee retention is a costly and complicated challenge in student housing. You pour time into your staff and invest in their training, and just when you get them situated, they are out the door! Join this accomplished panel of training and development experts as they reveal the secrets to attract and keep top talent. Learn how to create an effective training program, address turnover and keep your staff on board by building lasting partnerships with your team.
Kelly Quattlebaum, Director of Marketing, CallMaX
Pattie Woods, CAPS, CAM, VP Training and Development, Fogelman Management
Christine Richards, CPM, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, EdR
Sandra Barfield, VP of Training and Operations Support, Peak Campus Management, LLC
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

10:45 a.m. – 11: 45 a.m.

Fast-Tracking Social Media-Based Roommate Matching
The process of manually matching roommates during the busiest time of the year is all-consuming and daunting for most communities. Staff turnover and new beds make it even harder. Join us as we share our success in moving to this form of fast-tracking social media-based roommate matching and learn about our outcomes. Who knows—you may never look at moving the same way again.
Bradley Shaw, Vice President of Client Relations, EdR
Robert Castellucci, President, CEO, RoomSync
Danny Hyche, Director of Residence Life, EdR

Marketing to Generation Y
Generation Y is tech-savvy, multitasking and impatient. If you expect to attract them to your student housing and services, then you need to understand who they are and what makes them tick. Join this entertaining session to discover what really motivates them and how to use it effectively. Learn to identify the most powerful marketing strategies for this group and how to identify and deliver on “unrealistic expectations.”
Jon Goldman, Chief Executive Officer, Brand Launcher

International Survivor: Navigating A New Culture and Academic Experience
Special Needs Populations
Approximately 820,000 international students are enrolled in the U.S., the majority of which are dispersed among community, private and state colleges. How do you attract them and enrich the cultural diversity of your community? What kind of measures must you take to make them feel welcome while exposing them to new experiences both academically and culturally? Learn how to leverage a partnership with your university to support internationals as they integrate into unfamiliar surroundings.
Kim Cory, Principal, KC Magnetic Consulting
Dilnavaz Cama, Department Manager of Neighborhood Services and Collaboration, The Ohio State University
Diana Paz, National Account Manager, For Rent Media Solutions
Carla Cantu, Chief Marketing Officer, DTN Management

Utility Conservation and Recovery in Student Living
It is important to explore opportunities to reduce and recover utility expenses since student housing communities allocate such a large percentage of the annual budget to utilities, and often report that it is the second largest expense for student housing assets. This session reviews a number of approaches to reduction and recovery together with case studies demonstrating real world results. Legal and regulatory issues and trends related to utility billing are discussed, plus best practices for successfully implementing an expense recovery program.
Marc Treitler, VP Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel, Conservice Utility Management & Billing
Mitchell Smith, SVP, Property Operations, The Scion Group LLC
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

3 p.m. – 4 p.m.

The Evolution of Leasing: Have We Lost the Human Touch?
Not so long ago, the leasing process was entrenched in face-to-face interaction, but now customers can complete leasing transactions from their mobile devices. As the leasing process evolves, so must you. Master the operational shifts you need to transform your leasing office into a more interactive environment by infusing the human touch and building rapport with residents. Learn the necessary strategies to sustain connections with residents and gain the tools you need to move forward.

Kate Good, Occupancy Specialist, Kate Good/Apartment All Stars

Email, Geofencing and Snapchat. Driving Cross-Platform Success with Data-Driven Tactics
Snapchat has become a serious marketing platform used daily by more than 77 percent of college students. Geofencing is a powerful but underused tool proven to increase conversion rates. And email remains the best digital channel for ROI, but many marketers don’t realize its full potential. Learn how to get the most out of all three by using proven, data-driven content marketing strategies and tactics. It’s all about right message, right people, right place and right time.
Steven Ozbun, Vice President, Managing Partner, The DZAP Group, LeaseLabs™
Barrie Nichols, Vice President Marketing and Leasing, Campus Apartments
Emily Austin, National Training and Marketing Manager, Grand Campus Living

Student Housing Community Website Dos and Don’ts
A well-designed website is paramount to capturing leads and building your brand. Take an engaging look at how to design an outstanding community website geared specifically toward students. Learn best practices from the world of user experience design, backed by examples from a leading student housing provider. Topics include photography, marketing copy, mobile sites and calls to action, presented in an actionable dos and don’ts format. Walk away with realistic ways to improve your online profile.
Dave Luciano, User Experience Designer, On-Site
Adam Byrley, Vice President of Leasing & Programming, The Preiss Company

A Primer on Student Housing Real Estate Deals
The NAA Student Housing Conference has traditionally focused on the operations side of student housing. At different points, we are all impacted by the acquisition and disposition of assets, but many are not familiar with how deals are evaluated and ultimately consummated. This session provides operations team members with a basic understanding of the process related to acquisition and disposition of assets, how deals are evaluated, key metrics and terminology.
Steve Crawford, Senior Vice President, American Campus Communities
Troy Manson, Executive Vice President, Inland American Communities Group, Inc.
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